terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

And now for something completely diferent...

This is an AROS blog, and I usually don't deviate myself from the subject...
But if there's a game I miss a "proper" remake is Wing Commander. I waited anxiously for its release on the Amiga, and I remember of testing it in every new machine and upgrades I made to my setups.

Well anyway in the CIC forum's (A Web portal dedicated to every scrap of material regarding the Wing Commander franchise) I spotted a few WC1 3D models done in old fashion, and I couldn't resist adding here. You can check the all thread here: CmdBob WC1 models




Rapier (WC1/WC2 and WC film)




Capital Ship Ralari

I would love some old fashion remake of the game. And I really wished it made it's way onto AROS! These models are definitely part of the equation!...
Did you know the original ships were rendered on an Amiga Ray-tracing program?!

AFAIK there's no freespace or similar engine for AROS. But I would prefer a simple 3D game with no lighting, limited shading, like the WC1. That would be great.
After all IMHO, that was the best game in the all series, from that point on, it became more of story-telling affair than an engaging game.

In fact this would make the best remake on AmigaOS platforms!
By the way here's my Lemon review of the Amiga WC! Good old days...

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